Food Fight Picture

Tiger Head : "Defeating you will be as easy as pie."
Soarin : "Looks like you should get ready to eat some humble pie soon."
Snake Head : "This wont end well for you, anyway you slice it."
Soarin : "That pie is mine and I wont "dessert" it!"
Goat Head "Yeah, well... I'm... I'm going to Pie-ght you."
Soarin : "That one was just terrible."
Goat Head : "Shut your pie-hole!"

Fun Fact: In the stories of Greek Mythology the Chimera was a monster that terrified the countryside it resided in, and it was killed by the hero Bellerophon who was riding the fabled, winged-horse Pegasus. So it sort of works out in this picture that Soarin is a pegasus pony.
Also I found out that the mountain that the Chimera of myth lived on had fires on it, which is sort of like the swamp that the Chimera of MLP lives in, so I thought that was a cool little thing that the writers of MLP added in.

This picture will be one of the ones I will be selling as a print at Fiesta Equestria in June and hopefully at Nightmare Nights Dallas in October.


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