John: Indulge in shenanigans. Picture

I wanted to have a way longer and more witty title, but I was foiled once again by DeviantArt's piddly character limit. D:

And... er... I really don't know how to explain this one, guys. xD; Except that I read the entirety of Homestuck in a week, and now I'm kind-of-sort-of-definitely fangirling over it. Honestly, I had no idea I'd like it so much. But... well... I do. ^____^;

For those of you who are as confused about this as a normal person ought to be, Homestuck is a sort-of-webcomic by Andrew Hussie. It's about thirteen-year-old kids and angry aliens and stairs and genocide and timey wimey hijinks and mythological heroes and saving the universe. Also Barbasol. Lots and lots of Barbasol. I highly recommend it. The comic, I mean, not the Barbasol.

Homestuck can be found in all its 300 000-some-word glory here: [link]

Anyway. Enjoy John and WV going pretty much nuts over aerosol cans of shaving foam. = D They are my two favourite characters. The plausibility of this scene actually taking place somewhere along the line is why.

(Also, this is the first animated thing in my gallery! *beams* ...Don't get used to it.)

Homestuck and MSPA © Andrew Hussie.
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