Hospir and the Ironclad Picture

Well, I felt compelled to make this picture depicting a scene from the hero myth I have to write for mythology. The big guy on the left is Gha'Tugghut, the evil one of two great Ironclad Mechanoids created by the god of machines, Grommelstadt. He's the cause of much destruction for many villages, destroying livestock, farms, and all the useful machines the people have, basically leaving them with nothing. Then one day, our "hero" Hospir, who was born of his mother's earwax (lol), came to face Gha'Tugghut in a battle to the death. And here we have Hospir and Gha'Tugghut at the opening to their epic battle of absolute epicness.

So yeah...'tis all...hope it came out okay, had a little trouble with the laser thing, but whatev.^^
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