Manticore Picture

A Manticore- I've always wanted to draw a lion with a scorpion tail and bat wings- It was the first image I've ever seen of a manticore from an old PC game called "Heroes Chronicles."

Doing research, i of course found out about a lion with a man's head and anotehr version being the body of an ant with a lion head (wut).

I was inspired by Humon's Sphinxes to finally draw a Manticore of my own and I think I made him too sexy so now I have really weird feelings (I'm far from a furry lover, but I'm not a hater. Its just really weird for me).

Don't mind my terrible animal anatomy. I just put lines everywhere >>

And this probably wont be the only mythological creature, like my Phoenixes. I'm having too much fun on Sai.
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