The Sixth Sun Picture

This is for the disney club contest of heroes and sidekicks. So the girl in the picture is called Xochitl which means flower in Nahuatl and she is 15 and the blue snake around her is her sidekick, Xiuhcóatl, which is a snake from Aztec mythology. When I did this, I started thinking about my cousins who love Mexican mythology and how I was so unfamiliar with it. So I decided to learn about my roots and use them as an inspiration. I researched for three hours straight about gods and deities and came up with a story. Xochitl is a Nahua girl who discovers that she is a descendant from Chicomecóatl, the corn goddess, when Xiuhcóatl summons her. The sixth sun, the one we live in, is about to be destroyed by Tzitzimimes which are demons who want to destroy the sixth sun. Xochitl is the only one who can see these demons because of her inheritance and it is her job to hunt down these demons!
Xochitl likes pop music, cooking, and reading, but she doesn't know a lot about her roots apart from what her mom teaches her. Through her journey she learns about her roots and why they are of great importance to her.
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