Apsara Picture

"An Apsara (Sanskrit: अप्सराः apsarāḥ, plural अप्सरसः apsarasaḥ,)are beautiful, supernatural women. They are youthful and elegant, and proficient in the art of dancing. They are the wives of the Gandharvas, the court servants of Indra. They dance to the music made by their husbands, usually in the palaces of the gods, and entertain gods and fallen heroes. As caretakers of fallen heroes, they may be compared to the valkyries of Norse mythology."

Apsará is the name thar LeBlanc names her ussually, well he said: "My little Apsará" and why not, she loves it xDDDD

The last day, I was listening to [link] and [link] and she cames in my mind, blowing her hair while dancing looking at someone like she's looking in my draw.

I have to give special thanks to
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