Sketchdump omg Picture

ay, art! I'm not dead! Yet. Download for full size.


2) Sketch, strange version of Scathach (SKOU-ah) , a mythological Scottish warrior woman from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. She ran a school to train great heroes on the Isle of Skye (named after her, actually) and had a magical spear made from the bones of a sea monster called the Gae Bulga (gay bolla). And she did some awesome shit, like kick everyone's ass, male or female. My heroine <3

3) Cute little female Oshawott gijin-ka. I LOVE THAT POKEMON.

4) Catgirl. In a long scarf. I've been enjoying drawing catgirls lately...

5) Sleepy catgirl. Awwww....

6) STEAMPUNK CATGIRL!! She looks kinda bad-ass. XD

7) Teen version of Belle. I think it turned out ok. I envision her as a bookwork/honors student, but very dreamy and creative, wants to be a novelist.

8) Teenage Beast. LOL, EMO KID. A sensitive, emo-kid, aslo hind of a dick. Up until he meets Belle.... ^///^ :/ He doesn't look teenage-y enough, imo.

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