Demigod Ally: Apollo Picture

This one I am really excited about! I just learned about Apollo in my classic mythology class and I've been dying to create my version of him.

Introducing the god of the Sun, Prophecy, Poetry and Music, and Medicine, Apollo!

Quick Bio: Apollo is the son of Zeus, Twin Brother of Artemis and one of the 12 Olympians. He was born on Delos, a floating island, and has long been worshipped as an oracle on Delphi. Apollo fought in the war of the Gods, and helped recapture all the evils of the world when pandora released them onto the world. Now living upon and Mount Olympus and venturing to the mortal world in modern time, Apollo has become a reoccurring ally to Demigod, acting as a mentor in the ways of medicine. As the god of poetry and music, Apollo is one the most culturally sophisticated of the Gods, often entertaining his fellow gods with music and tales on his Lyre. Apollo has also taken a great interest with mortal culture, often venturing down to the mortal realm to partake in modern cultural festivities or fraternize with women, a time he has unfortunately been unlucky in. Apollo is also great friends with Hermes, the god who gave him his lyre.

-Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Invulnerability
-Gains extraordinary power in the sun, weakened at night.
-Expert Archer, shoots disease-causing arrows
-Accomplished sing, poet, and musician
-Precognition-able to seem events of the future
-Able to heal himself and others
-God of Prophecy, Poetry, Sun, Music, and Medicine
-Able to travel back and forth between Mt. Olympus and the mortal realm.

I bet you are wondering why I did not give him any sun-based powers. Believe it or not, there are actually no stories that associate Apollo with the sun! So I focused more on the Archer side of him. The thing next to him is meant to be his famous Lyre. I tried to make him look like a sophisticate warrior.

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