Myrmidon and the Dark Knight Picture

Oh wow, I don't know what this should be classified under... uhmmmm

Well, I'm taking a Greek Mythology class (done as of last week, check; exam pwned, check). For the final exam we had to write an essay according to a topic that the professor picked. They all kinda bored me so I went with the last option: to compare a modern hero with a classical Greek myth hero. Well, she mentioned among the list Batman. I found this rather interesting, since Batman is not really a hero, but a vigilante. So, I was comparing him to Achilles, who was also a vigilante. He did whatever the hell he wanted. He killed Hecktor, and then dragged his body across Troy like a sack of unworthy potatoes. Anyway, with this essay, we had to include a picture, of our own artistic rendition or something we found on the internet. Of course, I couldn't resist illustrating Batman and Achilles being invited by the regular happy-go-lucky band of superheroes to join their little club.
This is not meant as a satirical remark on Batman, Achilles, the U.S., Captain America, Superman, or Wonder Woman. It's just to say that Batman and Achilles JUST DONT BELONG IN THAT CATEGORY!

It was drawn at 2am, so don't give me any flack about proportions this or whatever. Bah.

The end. Enjoy.

Ink + Wacom Intuos 3 + 2a.m. = sleep deprivation-induced comedy
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