The Grasshopper - Old Drawing Picture

Another old drawing of my original superhero the Grasshopper and his villains gallery I did in 2006. This particular drawing is them all in their older costumes. They've since been updated. You may remember the Grasshopper from my other posting earlier this week [link] . All of these characters are not part of any simpleCOMICS project, they exist in my much older "self-made studio" Moon Wolf Entertainment. (Note: most of these older pics are from before I knew how to use any programs)

If you're interested, here's a brief intro to the characters above. (It's pretty obvious that these characters were inspired by other characters in some shape or form)

The Grasshopper: The main hero with no powers, but a suit that allows him to leap incredible heights and has an arsenal of weapons to assist him against crime. Unlike most heroes, he was actually a popular jerk/bully in high school and tormented many of his fellow classmates. Later, during a practical joke, he accidentally caused a gang war in the city and witnessed a dozen teenagers die. He took up the mantle of the Kricket (a former supervillain) and used it to become a hero, in hopes of someday redeeming himself and preventing crime in Alpha City.

Virus: A villain who was sentenced to the electric chair, but when granted a final wish, he was mysteriously merged with the waves of electricity and escaped through powerlines, which he can travel through. He robs banks through their telephone chords and power outlets.

Red Carpet: A villain who is the last living heir to the heroes of "1001 Arabian Nights" and has a magic carpet, jinni, and various other weapons of Arabian mythology at his disposal. In high school, the Grasshopper was a bully and Red Carpet was one of his "nerdy" victims. The Grasshopper became a hero to make up for his past, but Red Carpet still wants revenge.

Cylince: Being the only witness to a murder, she was captured and intended to be killed by the small-time gang. But the leader didn't have the heart to murder her and instead gassed her with a toxin that destroyed her voice and she could never tell anyone what she witnessed. Formerly being a singer, she was devastated and obtained the special gas and has every intention of 'silencing' the world just like her.

Tattoo: A common thief with the ability to bring her tattoos to life and command them to do her will. Her origin is unknown other than the fact that she was once in love with the Grasshopper and because he shot her down (very rudely as a teenager) she became obsessed with making his life miserable.

Kricket II: A follower of the original Kricket, who was one of the most notorious supervillains of Alpha City who's suit now belongs to the Grasshopper, Kricket II decided to recreate and newer and better version of the original Kricket suit and avenge his evil idol by killing the Grasshopper. Kricket II has no other motive than to kill the Grasshopper and make people respect and fear the original Kricket once again.

Well, there you go. That's the rundown on my own superhero story. Unfortunately, it may never make it to the big leagues because almost all new superhero characters are treated as parodies and rarely survive a 12 issue run.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy
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