Mighty Goofy Picture

You know, here in Italy we have a Disney weekly magazine that is called Topolino (the italian name of Mickey Mouse). Some years ago they published a series of stories that was called "I mercoledì di Pippo" (literally, Goofy's Wednesdays). In each of these stories Goofy wrote a story in which he saw himself as the brave, cunning hero while Mickey was his foolish and bungling partner. The problem was that the stories Goofy wrote was in tipically Goofy style: absurd, funny and with not logic sense.
So Mickey was forced to listen to these stories, for avoid hurting his friend's feelings. In the story wich I have been inspired Goofy saw himself as a greek mythological hero, like Hercules: "Il possente Pippo, figlio del macigno e della roccia" (literally "Mighty Goofy, son of the stone and the rock" .
In the beggining of the story he was drawn normally, in his skinny form; suddenly a messenger arrived seeeking for the hero's help. At first the messenger was sceptic that Goofy was really the hero he was looking for and he said to Goofy: "For being a mighty hero, you look rather skinny". Goofy laughed and asked: "Want to see the muscles? It's easy, I just need to press here" while he was pressing his belt. Suddenly he transformed himself into a muscle-bound hero. The messenger was shocked an asked why do this. Goofy answer was too funny: "I just take out them when I need! You have no idea of how strenous is walking around with these muscle mass!".
I don't intend any copyright infragment! I just wanted to make a tribute to this wonderful story. All rights belongs to the rightful owners.
Sorry for the grammar I probably have made a lot of mistakes: I just hope I have translated the italians dialogues in a right way.
I just hope you will enjoy and please leave comments!

PS: the word Strapp that appear on the left is an onomatopoeia word that in italy indicates the sound of somethings that is being ripped. I don't know if in other countries it's similar so I preferred to give this explanation
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