Asclade the Ascended Picture

Also known as The Ascentinel, Asclade the Radiant. (Variant: Asclaid.) He is my fantasy version of Ascentinel seen here:… So, this dude has a lot of redundant names for a reason. He is basically a mythological figure in my world, and has been around for quite awhile. He is the first to join together with an otherworldly being called a Courtier. He is immortal in the sense that he doesn't age, but he can be killed. It's just not easy to do so- more for his tenacity than anything else. In this version, Ascentinel is a magic knight that primarily wields the power of the flame. In the mythological history of the world, he led survivors of a cataclysmic event to a safe land, and ushered in an Age of Heroes. Many of those storied heroes established the nations that survive to the current time.
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