PERSEUS - 13. At Argos, at Last Picture

At Argos, at Last

Perseus’s greatest desire now was to return to his forsaken homeland, Argos. Acrisius however, upon learning his grandson’s intentions, fearing for an attempt at his life, fled the town and hid in the city of Larissa. Perseus, oblivious to all this, had decided that his visit to Argos could be delayed. After all, he was invited to compete at an athletic competition at Larissa, organized in honour of the deceased king of the city. His game of choice: discus throw. When it was Perseus’s turn, he put all his might at the throw. In a tragic chain of events, the heavy object crushed a spectator’s head, effectively killing him instantly. The unlucky man was none other than Acrisius!

From his fruitful union with Andromeda, many children were born, most of whom rose to become famous heroes. It is said that Hercules is a descendant from the Perseus line, bringing even more glory to the family. At the end of their mortal life, the couple was blessed by the Gods themselves. They were to become demigods and constellations in the night sky. Perseus and Andromeda now shine in the sky, reminding mankind their wondrous adventures.

—Creative Translation by Stergios Souftas

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