Heroes of Taoist Lotus Clan Picture

Here’s the fourth faction of the Secret Society, the Taoist Lotus Clan. This secret society was formed in Eastern Asia and the organization for the Mystics. This group is one of my personal interests of Ancient Chinese and other Asian mythologies and legends.

From the left side:

Yango – Leader of Burmese ninja clan, Cry Wing Ninja. He was caught between fighting rebels and the tyrannical forces of warlord who ruled the land of his own way. He was recruited by the resistance as a ninja because of his great skill of sabotage and infiltration.

Blaze Komodo – Leader of Temple guardians, Temple Dragon Clan. Blaze is a young Maui-Thai fighter and the treasure hunter. He learned the way of the temple guardian because of he’s the young descendent of his ancestor. He uses his skilled kick-boxing style.

Yonghu – Leader of Shaolin clan, Tai Shaolin Clan. A wise insectoid monk and the martial artist fights for peace and balance between good and evil. He’s the master of Shaolin spear and Tai Chi techniques.

Luu Kiryu – Leader of Mongolian clan, Hagane Clan. He’s a Mystical Chi Dragon and the son of his long lost family and the half-brother of his nemesis, Shengis Khan. He wields with his long lost family sword with the magic Chi with it.

At the center:

Huozai – Leader of the Mystical phoenix clan, Flaming Mystical Phoenix. Born from the Mystical volcano, he rises from the ashes after the great battles and fights for honor and justice against the Black Phoenixes. He wields the flaming sword, forged with the power of Fenghuang.

Yin Sun – Leader of Yin Yang Clan. He was a young soldier and officer of his empire and follows the way of his father’s legacy. However, he also follows and believes of this Taoist warrior, the Yin Yang Warrior. When he transformed into one of Taoist warrior as Yin, his spirit can be combined with his brother, Yang Sun, the spirit host of Yang.

Lei Gong Long – Leader of the Chinese Thunder dragon clan, the Shanghai Dragon Clan. This old but wise and undefeated Thunder dragon warrior fought many battles against hordes of the Black Dragon Empire. He entrusted the God of Thunder, Lei Gong.

From the right side:

Fu Dragon – Leader of the gang of martial artists from Hong Kong, Kung-Fu Fighters. Trained in Dojo after he saves his master’s life from bandits. He’s armed with Nunchucks and Kung Fu Dragon style.

Shang Lao – Leader of the bandits and mercenaries, Coyato Huns Clan. He’s a renegade, dangerous bandit and a Hun warrior from the north; he’s also known as “the One-Eyed Dragon of the North”. Despite he stole the broke weapon from the general, he wields the half-greater sword but it has only chi power within to become greater sword.

B.A.S.E (Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers):

Blue Imoogi – Secondary leader of B.A.S.E. He’s naive but bravery with his heart and soul. He’s the best sharpshooter and the marksman. He wields the dual blaster guns.

Red Falcon – Primary leader of the first Korean Mecha force, B.A.S.E (Battle Animal Special Exo-Rangers). He’s noble, strong leader of the Exo-Rangers. He wields his own Korean sword-like light saber.

White Dragon – Tertiary leader of B.A.S.E. He’s the chi dragon spirit now the mecha-warrior with his Chi blaster and hand-to-hand combat with his martial arts techniques.

The Golden Dragon – Leader of Mystical Zodiac clan, Sheng Xiao. A young student was chosen by the Mystic Gods and battles the evil Darkest Zodiac Army.

Speaking of Shang Lao and B.A.S.E, they're from Korea.
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