Never Trust a Shapeshifter Picture

" But I'm Loki. Why do you think I would do a thing like that...?" Excuses, excuses. Loki's full of them.

This was an interesting 'quickie' exercise tonight in testing out some brand new pens ( much the same as all my old pens ) and re-imagining the Norse trickster god Loki, one of my favourite characters from mythology. I always saw him as a big kid who never really grew up, and still thinks it's funny and cool to hang around street corners sneering at his peers and pranking people as they pass by. As the classic rebel and outsider who's continually outside the law, I couldn't help but think of Marlon there's a hint of the 'Wild One' here for what it's worth.

Note the name of his wife, tattooed on the back of his hand when he was no doubt a) drunk b) in a hurry c) loved up or d) all of the above (though you can bet he probably has somebody else's name across his chest).
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