Calais and Zetes Picture

These are the twins Calais and Zetes from greek and roman mythology. They inherited their wings from their father Boreas, the North wind. Although they were among the heroes searching for the Golden Fleece I haven't found much information about them. I suppose it is partly because they disappeared before the quest was completed. When the heroes were making a quick stop at one of the local king's dinner table they were attacked by a flock of harpies. The winged brothers pursued them. Neither the harpies nor they were ever seen again.

According to Ovid Calais and Zetes are supposed to be blonde, but so many of the greek deities and heroes are said to be fair-haired and it gets repetitive after a while. I somewhat larger digress from convention is that I've done a modern take.
I tried using a slightly different method to colour this one, only hard brushes and some curve tweaking. The result is a bit strange. It looks a bit like they are made of plastic...
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