Kraljevic Marko character info Picture

This is my depiction of Serbias most famous historic, and mostly fictionalized legendary person, Kraljevic (prince) Marko, a legendary hero of superhuman strength, companioned by his faithful steed Sarac (as seen in lower right corner).

Marko is an impulsive hero,a big drinker and daredevil, but also always protecting the weak. He is a loud brutish big guy, always boasting with his might,but in times when he needs to get wise,he does so very successfully.

Basic wiki info:[link]

I was inspired for some time to make a big project involving true Serbian folklore, legends and mythology,also working with Slovenian mythology as well. Also I have decided not to change anything about the original storyline ,because they are too good to be changed in any way. Other very important characters are on the way soon.

Also enjoy the scene where he gets cart with two pulling oxes right up in the air so he could use them all as a weapon against the Turk soldiers. XD (upper left corner)
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