Medusa Sketch Picture

This is an experiment, of sorts. I wanted to play with negative space, something I'd just as soon instinctually fill in most cases. But that's not quite as visually appealling as an effectively constructed balance between positive and negative space.

I had also considered going with a Medusa based on Ray Harryhausen's classic work on Clash of the Titans, but decided to go with the two-legged maybe ugly/maybe not version (it seems mythology writings aren't exactly consistent on how she appeared--imagine that!). I mean, she has snake eyebrows...that's GOT to qualify for ugly in some peoples' books.

Finally, I wanted to experiment a bit with colors. Instead of hitting the viewer over the head, I wanted more subdued tones as a way of drawing the viewer through the piece a bit.

In general, I think some things work better than others here. I wish I had done this on decent paper (instead of the last sheet I had lying around, which just happened to feel like velvet, and was not pleasing to ink on). But I think there are also some interesting things going on here, that I want to try and work with more.

Thanks for looking!

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