Old Bones- Spartoi Picture

Number 4 in a series of illustrations based on ancient dead guys. In Ancient Greek Mythology the Spartoi were fierce warriors who grew from the teeth of a slain dragon after they were sown in the earth by the hero Cadmus. They tended to fight amongst one another, especially when accusations of stone throwing were cast. Apparently, Jason (of Argonauts fame) also dealt with a bunch of these dudes during his quest for the golden fleece. Design-wise I wanted to go with that traditional hoplite look but also mix in some dragon motifs, especially dragon teeth.

The linework was done using the photoshop pen tool and then taken into Illustrator to be turned into a vector via livetrace and livepaint. Afterwards it was back into photoshop to overlay a paper texture I scanned.

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You can see the other works from the series below-

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