TMNT Heroes in a half shell Shredder more baddies Picture

More turtles fanart...I am in a phase again.

I redid his design entirally because the last design...while I wanted a more classic look for him since this Shredder would be completely human, he's not really intimidating. So I amped it up with my redesign. It's a mix of the Shredder Tengu (not the tengu shredder, the tengu that entered his soul and made him an evil demon lord) and the normal Shredder design...I like this a lot more. I like to think he based his outfit on the demonic Tengu of mythology to have intimidation factor.

A mix of the 2003 and 2012 versions. She is the Shredder's adopted daughter, and she is at odds with the Shredder's real daughter, her stepsister Pimoko.

He's a bit thinner here but he's still buff, he still leads the purple dragons and best of all, he's not an evil Bruce Lee (that's what the 2012 series is going to turn him into, f*** Nickelodeon). Mostly inspried by his Back to the Sewer design (dunno why but I liked that design a lot)
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