The Cauldron Picture

A combination of Celtic symbols - the great cauldron, restorer of life and provider of nourishment; the triple goddess - giver and taker of life; and flora, sprouting from seed, to be destroyed and spring anew

The cauldron is an object of magic that the Celts seemed to have held in veneration. Dagda's Cauldrons of plenty was similar to Flora's Cornucopia, while Bran's Cauldron of rebirth brought back dead warriors to life (mind you they were mute) and Annwn's cauldron of rebirth was guarded by 9 maidens. Ceridwen also had a cauldron that gave Taliesin, the greatest Irish bard the power of all-knowing insight. But the most important Cauldron of Celtic mythology (then later Christianity) is the Arthurian Grail which gives the hero immortality.
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