Batman V Superman Trailer Raction Picture

It's Watchmen-- That's all I gotta say! Looking at the teaser, it's friggin Watchmen! This is not World's Finest, this is not The Dark Knight Returns, Zack Snyder is just remaking Watchmen.

*SIGH* They're showing off Superman as an antagonist or anit-hero, and Batman is in it of course to put him in his place from the looks of it... everything is dark and gloomy, we see the Bat-Jet shooting at a bunch of guys, which I HOPE Is NOT driven by Batman himself, because that would be pretty messed up... like Supes' snapping General Zod's neck wasn't enough... If there are some positives I do like how Superman's costume has improved from Man of Steel, not by much but at least a little more color was added, and Ben Affleck looks amazing as both Bruce Wayne and Batman... but that's it!

I know i've expressed this before but I must address it again: I am getting SICK of DC making everything dark!

Now that's not to say making something dark is a bad thing by itself, it's worked a couple times in favor of Superman himself in fact, with stories like "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way." So yes, it can be dark, it can be serious... but for crying out loud that doesn't mean you should play it straight like it's friggin Watchmen! There needs to be levity and joy to make up for the dour material otherwise the audience is just gonna get depressed and angsty, so while it can have serious moments there needs to be a counter balance to it: More jokes, more color, more hopeful and joyous scenes.

I'd would use Marvel's movies for a better analogy, but instead let's look back at the Bruce Timm animated shows or even Richard Donner's Superman, Tim Burton's Batman and both the old and new Flash tv series; there was drama sure but it was made up for by character establishment, humor, and happy moments, including moments where we see the heroes act like legit superheroes, not angsty emotionally deprived vigilanties.

Now is this the sort of the thing that would happen in real like, yes... but this is NOT real life, this is supposed to take place in a universe where men and women in tights and flashy capes fly and run at super sonic speed while fighting mad doctors, psycho clowns, and talking gorillas to help make the world a better place. What makes superheroes who there are is not their strengths or other abilities, but their character; what makes them kind and honest and nobel, like modern day counterparts to the knights of Arthurian lore or even the Three Musketeers.

At least when Alan Moore did this with superheroes, it made sense because the characters in Watchmen were not already established comic book characters, nor were they really superheroes.

But THIS is NOT Watchmen, this is supposed to take place in the cinematic take of the DCU... and this is how you introduce the audience to one of the most renown comic book mythologies?

Agh, well, needless to say I will see it, but I don't expect it to be any good. But in other news I do like what DC is doing with their female super heroes: Dc Super Hero Girls
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