Niflheim Picture

[Explanation Edit]---Niflheim---("Land of Mists") is the realm of ice and cold in Norse mythology. It is located north of Ginnungagap and there dwells the hrimthursar (Frost Giants) and here is also located Hel.

Niflheim is ruled by the goddess Hel, daughter to Loki by the giantess Angrboda, personally appointed by Odin to rule over Niflheim. Half of her body is normal, while the other half is that of a rotting corpse. Niflheim is broken into several layers. One level designed for heroes and gods, where Hel would preside over the festivities for them. Another is reserved for the elderly, the sick, and those who are unable to die gloriously in battle and enter Valhalla. The lowest level resembled the Christian version of Hell, where the wicked are forced to live forever."

Someone mentioned this name to me earlier...and it sounded familiar. --So me looks it up, and Lo!!-- It suits nicely.
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