Day 29- Monster Girl and Her Significant Other Picture

I decided since this was the second to last challenge, it'd be best to make both monsters ladies...seeing as it's the monster girl challenge haha. Say hello to Calliope the gorgon and Terasil the half-basilisk.

Heroes are often renowned for slaying monsters as deeds of great bravery and valor. They protect the innocent from forces which no other is willing to stand against. But what of when the hero slays purely for the glory of it? Who can protect the monster from the so called hero?
Since she could remember, Calliope had been alone. Feared by most races and regarded as a merciless monster, many a would be hero forced her hand into lethal action. Her haunts were littered with the crumbling statues of her pursuers. Simply by defending herself, the gorgon had earned a reputation as a cold-blooded killer. She decided it was best to leave the southern Isles in search of more of her kind. Her sister gorgons were reclusive and would be nearly impossible to find, but she had to try. Under the cover of night, she quietly slipped away from her home.
It wasn't far into her search that she heard rumors of a pair of knights out to make a name for themselves. They boasted their ability to fell any creature that crossed their path. Currently they were said to be on a mission to clear the countryside of all monsters. Calliope proceeded with great caution.
About a day later, the gorgon came across a great commotion in a clearing. What she presumed was one of the knights was attacking a female, serpentine creature. His heavy armor and mighty sword swings kept her at bay. He laughed at the girl's futile attempts to defend herself and bragged of how weak she was compared to the multitude of beasts he had slaughtered. A rage boiled over within Calliope. She Threw herself upon the knight with the intention of petrifying him. To her dismay, the visor of his helm possessed no eye slits...he was fighting blind and was immune to her gaze. Calliope was not without other weapons, however. Her mighty tail crushed the knight in his own armor as her metallic claws sought more opened areas in his defense. She made short work of him. Before she could rise, the second knight appeared suddenly, covering her eyes and putting a blade to her throat. Before he could finish her, his body suddenly went slack. Calliope looked up to see the serpent girl with her hands upon the knights face, staring straight into his eyes. He slumped to the side, slain by the reptilian woman's gaze. With a weak 'thank you' the basilisk girl fainted from her injuries.
Over the next several weeks, Calliope tended to the wounds her new friend, Terasil and protected her. She learned that, in addition to being immune to each other's lethal gazes, Terasil had lived a fugitive life as well. Much like Calliope, she had been alone for the majority of her existence and hunted for her unique nature. She longed for hospitable company, but her deadly eyes made her an object of fear and hate. Calliope realized she had found what she had always been searching for; a kindred spirit, a companion, and a friend. When Terasil had fully recovered, she requested to accompany Calliope on her journey. Together they would search for a place to truly call home, where they would be accepted. Along the way, they fought many an upstart seeking to make a name for themselves. They proved to be a formidable pair and prevailed with ease every time. Their bond strengthened and the pair was never found far from each others company. To those that were in need of defense from the so-called righteous, they offered their help, whether they be man or monster, for valor is not proven through strength. It is proven through the true heart of one's deeds.
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