Secret Identities-Diana Prince Picture

Secret Identities - portrait series

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

I tried to capture the iconic pose of Wonder Woman, while keeping the lasso in the frame as well. It used to be the lasso (I think in the Silver Age) that allowed Diana to transform into her superhero identity... Something about the truth-revealing property, i guess. The bracelets crossed in this way is the Amazon salute, signifying sisterhood and unity.

Around Diana are images of her face in 3/4 profile.. spinning from one form to the next. I chose the image of three faces on purpose. Mythology is populated by the idea of a triple-goddess; it later evolved into the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity. Many goddesses were part of triads, or went through three phases, etc. Diana, the Roman moon goddess who is WW's namesake, was herself part of a trio of goddesses, symbolizing the phases of the moon and of a woman's life.

In the background is Washington DC, Diana's base of operations... but it could also easily pass for the Grecian landscape of Themyscira, Paradise Island.
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