Introducing Aideen O'Neill Picture

Here is the final version of my latest OC, soon to be introduced in the pages of Kate Five vs Symbiote!

In the spirit of the Japanese Magical Girl, my favourites being the anime Angel Blade and Beat Angel Escalayer, Aideen is a young (flat-chested in comic terms) girl who transforms into a tall, powerful, buxom, skantily-clad warrior avatar.

She is rooted in Irish mythology. The name Aideen is that of the wife of Oscar, grandson of legendary Irish hero Fionn MacCool, one of the Fianna and central to the Fenian Cycle of Irish nythology. The surname O'Neill comes directly from Niall of the Nine Hostages, a legendary High King of Ireland. The Annals of the Four Masters dates his accession to 378 AD and death to 405.

When transformed into her warrior avatar, she becomes Liath. Named after one foster mother and combat teacher of the orphaned Fionn MacCool.

How will she fit into the Section P mythos? Will she be friend or foe?
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