Grundiomon Evoline Picture

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It's Grundiomon! My boar digimon! .w.
I guess Grundiomon is a pretty basic beast digimon in a sense, but I sitll really like him. I must say though, I did struggle with his Perfect and Ultimate forms for their fair share back in the day. But it must've payed off!
So yeah Grundiomon's evoline is based on, well boars, and Norse mythology! Norse mythology is cool, and you don't really see Freyr as a character inspiration as often as like, Odin, Thor or Loki or so. Go Freyr(mon)!

Buhimon - Pitamon - Grundiomon - Verracomon - Gullinburmon - Freyrmon

Partner(s) - Fjodor Pajari.
Featured in - The Digital War.


Name Origin: Japanese. Buhi = sound that pigs make.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Slime.
- Acid Bubbles - most basic bubble blow attack.
Personality: It's pretty passive and doesn't like strangers, but it's easily excited by food.
Trivia: Small digimon that resembles a fluffy piglet, it relies on the protection of larger digimon for defense.

Name Origin: English and Japanese. Pig. Buta = pig.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Lesser.
- Rolling Pig - curls up and rollouts the enemy.
Personality: Hyperactive little digimon who’s not afraid to approach anyone. Easily excited by food.
Trivia: Piglet-like digimon covered in rough fur, it mainly lives in forests and looks for food with its keen sense of smell.

Name Origin: Latin. Grundio = “I grunt.”
Level: Child.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Mammal.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Boar Buster - headbutts and body slams the opponent.
- Dust Kicker - kicks the opponent with his hind legs, sending a cloud of dust and sand to blind the opponent.
- Swine Cruncher - bites the enemy with his strong jaws.
Personality: Pretty simple digimon, Grundiomon is standard happy and gets excited easily, even by everyday things. He gets worked up easily as well, but if something goes wrong, he's also prone to start worrying fast. Though it's not hard to cheer him up again. His moods are easy to change but his overall optimism is hard to bring down. Despite being pretty childish, Grundiomon is really empathic and sensitive, and can relate to others' feelings easily. He’s also very brave, and though he worries about things easily, he believes things will always turn allright, and he’s determined to do his best in every situation.
Trivia: A digimon that resembles a young boar, it's found in forest areas, especially northern conifer forests of Digital World. It hasn't got an element relation yet, but it packs lots of power. Looking for food underground with its heightened sense of smell, it mainly eats roots and mushrooms.

Name Origin: Spanish. Verraco = boar.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Hog Driver - body slams the opponent.
- Evening Star - mauls the foe with the spiked club on his tail.
- Mountain Buster - rears up and hits the ground, creating shockwaves that crack the ground and cause sharp rocks to rise from the ground surface.
Personality: Pretty much the same as Grundiomon, though a bit matured and his feelings don't swing back and forth as easily. He's a little more prone to fight and gets irritated more easily than always happy Grundiomon, though it’s still hard to make him legitimately upset.
Trivia: Large, boar-shaped digimon with rough, cold proof fur, it mainly lives in cold forest areas and mountains. Having impressive tusks, a spiked club on its tail and lots of power packed in its body, it's not a digimon to take lightly if it gets angry. It can find food frozen in snow with its heightened sense of smell.

Name Origin: Norse mythology. Gullinbursti/Gollenborste was an artificial boar, owned by the god Freyr.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Holy Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters.
- Golden Dawn - shoots a beam of golden, lightning-like energy from Eitri, the Gold Digizoid sword on his tail.
- Bristleback - shoots the Gold Digizoid bristles on his back at the foe as sharp, spear-like projectiles.
- Blade of Gods - attacks the foe physically with his sword, with precise strikes.
- Wild Boar Rage - charges at the foe, bodyslamming into them with some assisted help by the goring power of his tusks and the bristles around his neck.
Personality: A more mature, quiet and serious version of Grundiomon. He is still kind and empathic, but isn't childish anymore and seems to concentrate a lot better than Grundiomon, and his moods aren’t as easy to swing anymore since he is a lot calmer now.
Trivia: A boar-like Holy Beast clad in a suit of armor and equipped with an arsenal of Gold Digizoid bristles on its back, it is said to be related to God Man digimon in some way. It wields a sword of Gold Digizoid, Eitri, on its tail, and its Gold Digizoid equipment is sharp and powerful. Legend says its golden mane gathers light from the Sun, and glows in the dark.

Name Origin: Norse mythology. Freyr was one of the most important Norse gods, associated with fertility, prosperity and fair weather, among other attributes.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Data.
Type: God Man.
Family: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters.
- Divine Sword – physically attacks the foe with his Chrome Digizoid sword, Yngvi. The sword is sharp, durable, and most importantly, pretty large and filled with holy power.
- Sun of Alfheim – creates a golden white sphere of holy energy between his hands and hurls it at the foe. The sphere explodes with holy energy on contact.
- Lord of Sunshine – the blade of his sword turns into pure holy energy, and Freyrmon shoots a lightning-like beam of concentrated holy energy from the blade.
- God Dance – attacks the foe viciously with punches, kicks and headbutts. Or pretty much a combination of any physical attacks he thinks of.
Personality: More similar to Verracomon than Grundiomon, Freyrmon is more mature and focused than Grundiomon, but still isn’t as calm as Gullinburmon. Freyrmon is still more prone to Grundiomon’s spontaneous mood swings, but still manages to function calmly and not be lost in his emotions. All in all, he’s still optimistic, helpful and brave.
Trivia: A God Man digimon taking the form of a Norse god, it wields the holy Chrome Digizoid sword, Yngvi. It’s a hero of justice, and uses holy power to vanquish evil. The Holy Rings it wears around its wrists fill all of its special attacks with holy energy.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Grundiomon and his forms are mine.
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