Morrigan's god-shape Picture

Woo! First rotation for my demo reel! My own special twist on the Táin Bó Cúailnge, or the Cattle Raid of Cooley! Enjoy!

FUN FACT!: For the Celts, blue was the colour of war!

While any of the Morrígna can take on any earthly form they wish, each has their unique god-shape. Badb the crow, Macha the horse and Morrígan the wolf.

The celtic goddess had offered her love to the great hero Cú chulainn, but was rejected. She vowed that he would fall in battle, but after suffering three humiliating defeats at the hands of the son of Lugh, Morrígan revealed her god-shape and fell upon Cú chulainn in a terrifying rage. He subdued her yet again and Morrígan took the shape of a feeble old woman, still bearing the wounds of her fight with the hero.

Feeling pity for the wretched woman, he blessed her three times, healing all her wounds. As thanks, she shares a prophecy with him about the war that is to come.
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