The Endless Knot ~ Morrigan Duinn Picture

I am Morrigan... you should be in awe.

"Once a respected and feared warrior amongst either mortals or Chulainn, Morrigan Duinn
now lives amongst the Lionheart Corsairs after killing an incompetant superior. She
seeks to make amends, preferably by dying in glorious battle, and thus among the Lionhearts
is known for her enthusiasm when it comes to suicidal odds. Though this has made her
the Lionheart's primary field commander. This, combined with being the one of two Chulainn
amongst the Lionhearts (the other being the leader, Wulf Lionheart), she is often called
'the She-Wolf' which is has expressed disgust at due to her argumentative relationship
with Wulf.

Franz, the Spear of Earth's chaplain believes Morrigan's greatest vice is Pride..."

For those of you have been following me only recently this used to be a character called 'Lilith Fellstar', however since I have actually started writing and drawing the comic, the main human faction has been switched from 'space-crusade' you can't buy that game anywhere! to 'space celts' respectfully. Also explaining the switch of "Templar' to "Chulainn" which comes from the name of a hero from Celtic mythology. Also I decided to change her name to Morrigan after the Irish war-god of killing shit with reckless abandon. In fact her full name "Morrigan Duinn" roughly translates from my shitty gaelic to "The Dark-haired Great Queen".

Anyways, tell me what you think as always. Don't worry, I can take it.
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