PERSEUS - 8. The Death of Medusa Picture

The Death of Medusa

Perseus immediately set out on his journey. Using the winged sandals, he flew high in the sky and crossed the ocean with ease, eventually arriving at the forgotten island, the hags told him about. There, he spent hours exploring the foggy swamps but ultimately found the lair. The area was filled with the soulless bodies of brave soldiers, now statues, who dared challenge the Medusa. The monster was well aware of the Hero’s presence and stealthily attacked, trying to make direct eye contact. Perseus’s reaction was immediate; he avoided her gaze, and only saw her reflection on his shield. The beast, maddened that its trick didn’t work, sprayed the hero with arrows. Perseus dodged the first shots but couldn’t last much longer. Swiftly, he resorted to his helmet and turned invisible. Approaching as much as he could, he drew his blade and charged at the vile Gorgon. At the last minute, he lunged at her back. A violent slash was enough. He had slain the monster and cut off its head.

—Creative Translation by Stergios Souftas
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