Baba Yaga Picture

Baba Yaga

My fist attempt at Slavic Fairy-tales and mythology. Honestly the rather benign expression of the models was not intentional, but there were not so many old woman in Slavic garb tho choose from...
I was thinking to alter the face to make her more haggish, but in the end I though that Baba Yaga in the old tales is more dangerous than evil, she trial the hero or the heroine and if they are worth she give them knowledge or power, so she can have the aspect of an old and wise woman.
Hope you enjoy


Model: wise lady I by eirian stock [link]
Staff: magic wands by jinxmim [link]
Cock: FREESTOCK Cock a doodle doo by mariamurphy [link]
ravens: ravens by jinxmim [link]

Hut: stock wooden witch hut by triinustock [link]
Cock legs: cock by kamamax [link]
Skulls and bones: Skulls 3 and 2 by TwiggXstock [link] [link] Human Skull 2 by rgstock777 [link]

Trees: alien tree 01 by stiks 1969 (old stock now in storage) Tree png file by moonchild ljilja [link]
Background: FOREST BACKGROUND by mysticmorning [link]
Grass brush: SS grasses plants [link]
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