The Steele Scenarios - The Hydra's Sacrifice Picture

The King of Atlantis had a problem. Recently a fearful Hydra had been terrorising his kingdom, and the only way to satiate it's wrath was to present it with a sacrificial maiden. He decreed that all of the fairest maidens in his kingdom be included in a ballot, which would determine who would fall victim to the beast. By a cruel twist of fate, the maiden selected was his own daughter, the fair Princess of Atlantis. Still, by his own decree, he had no choice but to take the Princess to the Hydra's lair as a sacrifice. But even as the roars of the monster grew ever closer, the Princess also thought she heard the hooves of an approaching steed, bearing a mighty hero to her aid. But who would reach her first?

- - - - -

Another scenario from the devious mind of Steele, now happily snapping away at Rachel dressed as a mythological Greek princess. Art once again done by
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