Unlikely heros Picture

Three young , but unlikely heroes on a quest to restore an exceptionally powerful magical artifact; unaware fully of the world wide importance of their mission, they're a lighthearted trio trying to get by in a troubled in a dangerous waring world.

The tall girl is 15 year old Ajiana; a Kajar girl initially seeking to track down an infamous Kajar warrior named Kazzar to apprentice her. She has a basic martial arts/ warrior training; she's brave, loyal, hyperactive and eccentric- Tough as guts and strong as an ox. She's the fighter and protector of the group; when ever her or her friends are in trouble, she charges the enemy fearlessly while she kicks, punches and screams in a frenzy of protectiveness. She's also a good cook.

The suspiciously stereotypically Jewish looking guy in the middle is 15 year old Hasheem; master of superstitions and lover of all mythologies and theologies. He carries around an abundance of charms, symbols and components for potions. Born into a family with a strict black smiting tradition; Hasheem found he severely lacked both interest and ability for metalwork, so decided to pursue his anthropological interests and travel the land learning about local folklore, foreign religions and cultures. He's a bit on the lazy side when it comes to physical labor and also has an irrational prejudice towards street minstrels.

The short, frail looking girl is 14 year old Huriyyah; kind, caring, polite and full of warmth. An orphan adopted by a small village with a benevolent and closely knit community; she earned a wage doing odd jobs for and assisting the village sorcerer, of whom she became quite close to. During that time she learned a reasonable deal about magic and is able to perform 3 or 4 low level spells successfully on a good day- These spells include an illuminating light, a magic projectile that stuns those hit by it, a protection from magic spell and a spell that allows her to animate small idols. Huriyyah's village was invaded and turned upside down by a small army of sinister bandits; the village sorcerer entrusting her with the guardianship of the previously mentioned magical artifact and to deliver it safely to a monastery outside of a large Yassurite city called Malah.

Both Hasheem and Huriyyah are Yassurites; although where Huriyyah follows the old religion quite strictly... Hasheem is a bit more open minded.


Also I realize the numerous anatomical fuckups; I was drawing it in a small drawing book and... Shit got a bit out of perspective.
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