More New Heroes Picture

Left to Right: Animal, Cane, Wyvern

Animal: In the tradition of Tarzan and Ka-Zar, Zachary Pearson was lost in the jungle as a baby and raised by wild animals. However, years later, his mutate powers started to surface, as he was discovered by a group of scientific researchers and taken back to civilisation to be studied. The question is, how will Animal take to the human world.

Cane: Enigmatic and mute, Cane is a powerful magical practitioner, using sign language to perform his incantations and tricks. Beware though, because it isn't just ribbons that can fly from the end of his legendary cane.

Wyvern: Once a respected zoologist, Cassandra Combs fell from favour due to some of her more 'far out' theories about mythological creatures having actually existed. However, on a journey to Greece, hunting Chimeras, she came across a dying Wyvern ([link]). The Wyvern, sensing Cassandra's good heart, bestowed upon her it's power, transforming her into the high flying, fire breathing super heroine Wyvern.
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