Zambini the Magician -Public Domain redux Picture

As part of a facebook Public Domain Heroes group, I will be re-imagining some heroes from comicdom's (gone but not forgotten) Golden Age.
For my next trick...

Zambini the Magician-
Also called "Zambini the Miracle Man" and "Zambini the Master of Magic" (Take your pick!). He was called all three on the first page of his very first appearance in 'Zip Comics' #1 (1940). Zachary Zambini used a boomerang-shaped amulet to track down evil. He possessed a vast array of limitless mystic abilities. Powerful enough to even defeat Satan by causing Hell to freeze! He did have one major weakness...he lost his powers, and became helplessly weak, at the touch of another person's hand. Even still, he managed to magic his way through 35 issues of 'Zip Comics'! Not too shabby for a guy whose magic spells required him to say the words "APKOL LOPKA!" before putting the whammy on his enemies.

Zambini The Mystic (redux)-
I've selected Zambini (from 'Zip Comics' #1, 1940) as the final member of the Public Domain super-team that I'm creating. This version of Zambini will be younger than he was in the 40's (as a result of a miscast spell that causes him to grow younger!). His power is derived from the topaz Opal of Apkol that he wears on his turban. To prevent the power of the Opal from falling into the wrong hands, it is protected by a spell that causes it to become inert when it or Zambini is touched. Additionally, he is protected from mystic attacks by his boomerang-shaped amulet. It instantly repels all magic-based energies back to the attacker. He achieves flight by wearing a feather in his turban, which he claims was plucked from the tail of the mythological Phoenix, moments before it burst into flame.
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