Nelvana -Public Domain redux Picture

As part of a facebook Public Domain Heroes group, I will be re-imagining some heroes from comicdom's (gone but not forgotten) Golden Age.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights-
Canada’s first distinctly Canadian female superhero, and also one of the first female superheroes in comics, (debuting before Wonder Woman). She appeared in Triumph-Adventure Comics #1 (1941). She is the daughter of a mortal woman and Koliak the Mighty, King of the Northern Lights. Nelvana’s powers include the ability to fly at the speed of light. telepathy, invisibility, and she can change her physical form. In addition, she can call on the powers of her father for added abilities.

Nelvana (redux)-
For my version of 'Nelvana of the Northern Lights', I retained her original color scheme, but gave her a more streamlined design.
I will re-work her origin a bit, but will still have it heavily-rooted in Inuit Mythology, as it was originally. She also won't have as broad a spectrum of powers. Her abilities will be limited mostly to light and wind manipulation.
I'm also thinking of truncating her name to 'Nelvana Northlight'. (Or maybe just 'Northlight' as her codename??)
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