The Seven Heroes of Pathyrion Picture

Meet the Seven Heroes of Pathyrion.

Have you heard of Hexen II, the sequel to Hexen: Beyond Heretic? Sure you do and I do. A very long time ago before I joined deviantArt, I was very interested of these games from Hexen-Heretic Series because of the famous Serpent Riders. My first game was Hexen II and I want it to play it and finally beat it. Hexen is one of my favorite games I've ever played. Why? Because it's First Person Shooter with fantasy theme. That's why. Overal, these games including Heretic 1 & 2 were best games I've ever heard and they need a deserving best comeback treatment from Bethesda Software and Zenimax Media like what they did with Wolfenstein and the upcoming game of 2016, Doom.
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