Sigurd vs Fafnir Picture

Assignment for Digital Illustration class, to depict a mythological hero as part of the legend he/she is in, taking part in a deed/battle/scene.

I've always been fond of the Norse mythology, and I had wanted to try my hand at painting dragons, so I choose to do the confrontation scene from the Volsung Saga @ express the greed of Fafnir and the fearlessness (daring/brash attitude) of Sigurd that had made up the story arc in the Poetic Edda, “Fafnirsmal”.

What I learn from this: Painting dragon is fun, repainting background + doing treasure heap is NOT fun. Deadline was ticking fast, so I had to resort to photomontaging the treasure in (including that dragon shield from the Beowulf movie). And then Sigurd ended up with weird poses...
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