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Please. Meet the Dragon Squad.

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Many years ago my friend pointed me towards an RPG making program on the internet where you could make top down Zelda style games with face on Earthbound style battles.

I started writing a game called "Dragon Quest" thinking it was the most hackneyed RPG name possible. I later found out this is an actual series of games so I changed it to Dragon Squad which proved to be a useful plot detail in itself.

The game was developed a little, but hardly any actual making occurred. The story vanished, with the occasional character harvested from it for another story (Zeppelin, Baron Wasteland) and that was the last of it.

UNTIL NOW. I decided I want to resurrect it, replacing lost characters and the main cast (which was just me and my friends) because I had been thinking for a while how an RPG made by me would have to be a completely unashamed crossover of almost everything Screwloose Industries, so how about a few heroes? You can find out about where these characters come from here [link] and here [link]

Dragon Squad
The squad itself was formed for a niche but potentially super-rich clientele and specialises in the extermination of an extremely destructive pest: dragons.
The main problem with this proposal is that there ARE no dragons. Crazy fantasists will say they died out thousands of years ago. Crazy skeptics will say they never existed.
Whatever the case there are none around and the squad is in a heap of financial trouble. That is, until they get a very peculiar job...

Mikasa Etsukasa (centre) is the leader of the bunch, you know her well. She's finally back...and in a story that I think suits her quite well.
The Dragon Squad was her idea and she remains hopeful that one day the dragons will come.
She fights with origami. There is more to it than that but I'm keeping some cards face down right now.

Fyler McCross (right) is a pool shark who, despite his aloof exterior has an extensive knowledge of dragon mythology and believes that should they ever return they'll cause nothing but trouble.
His weapon is his pool cue which I don't need to tell you comes pretty sharp across the flesh.

Surf Windbane (left) is an accomplished fisherwoman who is quite curious about what a dragon might taste like and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.
She attacks with her fishing rod which boasts a lot more than you might first think.

Now with a half decent story this could go somewhere good, but will still come with a serving of cynical self reference, because I love that stuff.
It's also perfect for giving purpose to the dozens of characters I've created that have just been floating in developmental limbo so far since they can at least cameo as NPCs.

At least five more characters will join the Dragon Squad over the course of the story, four of which are guest characters. I realise that these three characters already existed somewhere else but I'm now making this their main story. They are my Chaotix.

You are foolish for reading all of this nonsense. Thanks guys.
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