Mythological History Teacher: Kumoko Fairlight Picture

Name: Kumoko Fairlight

Species: Apsara (Hindu water/cloud spirit)

Gernder: Female

Nationality: Hindi

Age: 31 (in appearance)

Height: 5’ 6”

House: Heaven

Teaches: Mythological History (ironic since their mythology is actually non fiction) and School counselor

Personality: Kumoko is a very strong and kind hearted woman. She cares for the well being of others and is determined to help in any way she can. She is also very smart and does her best to be refined and poised but she sometimes reverts back to her teen like ways when she is around her friend Kia who still has a very child like disposition, sometimes without even realizing it. Moko is also very passionate about her teaching and can get a bit overzealous during lecture and she always tries to keep her assignments fun and open to creativity.

History: Sometimes compared to the muses of ancient Greece, an Apsara is given the duty of looking after fallen heroes. They are also said to always be very beautiful and are skilled in the art of dance. Living in the palace of the Maharaja with her mother and eleven sisters, Kumoko spent most of her time dancing, singing, and reading all of the books in the palace library. She longed to someday find her fallen hero to look after and finally have a real purpose. Finally deciding on going out into the world to see and learn more, she enrolled in an Academy where she met her friends (among them Dimitrie, Kia and Azura) After the school sadly shut down, she spent most of her time traveling once more and looking for that fallen hero. Unsuccessful in her search, she also found that helping just about anyone who needed it was also something she really liked. She came back to be with her friends and open up Axcinia University to become a Mythological History teacher/ School counselor. Though she is very happy about where she is now, she always has her eyes out for that fallen hero that needs her care.

Stats: (120+10 for 1st month points=130 pts)
Intelligence: 27
Stamina: 20
Magic: 27
Defense: 18
Speed: 18
Dexterity: 20

- She has eleven sisters and each have a different shade of blue of hair color. She is the youngest of them.
- The Maharaja is actually her father who was her mother’s fallen hero
- Moko loves to sing and dance like she used to as the palace and likes to do so in the teachers lounge or in her office
- Though she has grown up quite a bit, Kumoko still can be very clumsy
- Because she used to read and study so much on her own free time, Moko can speak several different languages
- Her actual age is around 800 years old (Apsara age very slowly)
-She likes to travel via cloud and can be seen riding it through the school
-She likes to be near water
-She loves music, and is well rounded in genre but favors instruments that sounds peaceful
( harp, violin, acoustic guitar, accordion, flute, etc)
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