Tales of Chibis :the Heroes: Picture

The heroes of Tales games!

From the left:
Cress Albane/Cless Alvein - Tales of Phantasia
Ruca Milda - Tales of Innocence
Luke fone(fon) Fabre - Tales of the Abyss
Yuri Lowell - Tales of Vesperia

Playing Tales of the Abyss now! xD Yes, at last!

Oh andI'm still palying Radiant Mythology 2... Rucaaaaa xD His attacks are stronger than my chara!( He's at level 71, my character is level 97 xD lol but Ruca attacks with huge, heavy sword and my chara is just a weak dualfencer -fighting with two swords- xD" the advantage for me - I'm quick, the disadvantage for him - he's attacks are slow xD But as long as he can use Center(Shuukihou) it's not a problem xD)

Characters (c) Namco

Patterns =cloaks =Falln-Stock ~masterjinn
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