Heroes Picture

Katniss (The Hunger Games) is epic, complex, and larger than life. She is a symbol of hope to the masses and she did a lot for society even though some would argue that she didn't owe them anything. She was born into a world that was by all means doomed, and spent a lot of time in the big city despite having been raised in a very rural area. She's often been associated with fire, and fire is associated with the sun.

Bella (Twilight) is a vampire, and vampires are often associated with bats. The motivation behind her decisions in life are the people she loves. She must stay in the shadows to prevent others from seeing her for what she truly is, due to how her public image is based mostly on legends and myths. She has a strong mind that she has trained and developed in order to be immune to psychics. Contrary to the other heroes, Bella wasn't born into her respective problems and wars; she chose to bring the darkness upon herself so that she could be part of something bigger than just herself. Despite all the well-earned reasons she has for drawing human blood, Bella strongly refuses to do so. For a mortal, Bella is incredibly prone to life-threatening idiocy; she stubbornly refuses to admit when she's in over her head.

Harry (Harry Potter) comes from a world of mythology and magic. He's been around longer than the other heroes, and he's skilled with the sword.

Thomas (The Maze Runner) runs a lot, and is curious; he's always asking questions and trying to figure out why the things that happened to him and his friends happened to him and his friends.

Tris (Divergent) isn't shut down by fear, she's woken up by it. And she's been both a law enforcer and an outlaw.

Percy (Percy Jackson) is the half-breed son of the ruler of the seas. Need I say more?

Clary's (The Mortal Instruments) red hair and freckles, and the fact that she isn't from the human world reminds me of Miss Martian. So...
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