Golden Sky Hero: The Wolkhar Picture

A reference sheet detailing the traits of the fantasy race that I created; The Wolkhar. Since Artie, our main hero, is a Wolkhar, I'm gonna try to establish a bit more of what I have planned for this race.
Both in how they look and their tendencies. Keep in mind, this is subject to change. More details will be added in the future, and maybe some will change or just be removed altogether.

Anyway, the points I have written so far about these creatures base don the numbers in the picture:
1) - Because of the Wolkhars' huge and heavy arms, they make excellent heavy lifters, ergo, perfect for construction.
2) - Every Wolkhar has an afro. Some even have square afros!
3) - In terms of drawing a Wolkhar, they are usually composed of squishy shapes. Furthermore, because of this, not very many bones show through.
4) - A Wolkhar prides their afro like it is their very being. To not have an afro would shame a Wolkhar deeply.
5) - Because their arms are too big and heavy for their age, Wolkhar babies can't lift their arms until generally the age of 3.
6) - A Wolkhar's arm squishes when pressured.
7) - Because of their poofy hair, female Wolkhar usually put their babies in their hair for them to rest in.
8) - Even though they have huge rubbery arms, the Wolkhar do in fact have shoulder bones.
9) - The Wolkhar are fascinated with materials and love to build and create.
10) - Their afros can come in many shapes and sizes. But one thing they all have in common is that they are all thick and poofy.
11) - A Wolkhar's arm stretches when pulled.
12) - The Wolkhar are fascinated by round objects.
13) - The legs of a Wolkhar only make up for a third of their body height.
14) - Wolkhar children grow slowly at first, but shoot up quickly through their teenage years.

That's all I got for now. Let me know what you guys think!
Oh and by the way, none of these characters are important or anything. They are just there for reference and may not be used in the future.

The Wolkhar © *The-Quill-Warrior
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