MLP/TUGS: Warrior and Hero Picture

Here is the pony form of Warrior along with his Chara Hero enjoying the night.

I saw my old pic of Warrior and realized it did not look like him form the series so I've revamped him with pony creator V3 by and redid him by adding a mane and turning it black, his mane is suppose to be like his hair where his bangs stick out of his hat and I gave him a different tail.

Hero looks alot like him however he has green eyes while Warrior's eyes are like in the show just white things with black dots in them and Hero's vest is blue instead of black, I also did not know his actual height and how tall he would be in pony form so this is close on how I think how tall the Charas are.


MLP belongs to Hasbro.
TUGS belongs to the late David Mitton.
Charas belongs to and
Pony creator belongs to generalzoi
Pony forms do belong to me.
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