Hero High: Spider-man's daughter Picture

Just read the freaking descriptionbelow before comment. In a nutshell, I know a Spidergirl named May exist already, it's mentioned, and I don't care because it's not the intention here. Here are her dresses for her great night and everyday dress, not the superheroin ones, and it's Monster High visually inspired: never meant to be practical

Hero high is the school described here: lady--knight.deviantart.com/ar…

And...Forget the EVAH rip off that it was, I 'll keep characters and roles, but not tempers, I think!
President Luthor created among others things an agency (Suicide squads) of "metahumans" chasers, and super heroes were explicitly tracked as public enemies during his mandate. Main while, the compulsory identification led to civil war among heroes. When President Luthor was sent to jail, the mess ended and super heroes could keep their civilian identity secret again under the condition their kids would be especially looked after, in a special school. Francine Xavier, present day headmistress of Xavier institute, extended the concept to not only mutants children but also any metahuman, or human with a hero training kids-good or bad.
A mysterious man called Grimm gave her a closed comics book and told her it was vital for her school, and it will only opened on her pupils "Legacy day". Not sure to understand what it meant, Headmistress Xavier keeps it (so she is actually more of the Bloodgood kind, I think.) Similarly, I'll keep Laura Kent with Apple White popularity, but she'll don't have her selfishness (Can you picture a Superman related person as selfish? Seriously?) Next time, I think she will on the contrary stand with Lena against destiny...


And now a Marvel one, there was a few until then (but I'm a DC person, that's it). She logically should be younger, as her parents were teenagers when others heroes where adults. But, I think they married and then have her at a very young age. Spidergirl exist for real and is indeed named May (and nicknamed Mayday) but she is a short haired brunette. I think I kinda lacked inspiration for another name, anyway...Arachnea is already taken by Black Widow's daughter.

I preferred to picture her as a redhead for the resemblance to her mother. The mother is MJ because she is the mother of the regular Spidergirl and is Peter Parker 's wife anyway ...Was? The canon? Which canon?

Edit: Told ya! I'm always right, including the daughter appearance, strangely close to my representation. (edit: she's named Annie? Well I don't regret my name's choice, closer to the mythology.)

Ok, you get it by now, I think. Gwen Stacy have existed in this universe, but, I think it's better if she keep the function of the sacrificial lamb she had anyway.

Was the original spider radioactive (60's to 90's) or genetically modified (nowadays)? I'm not sure, let's say it was radioactive, but it induced a genetic change and May inherited the mutation. The radioactive origin explain the name of the pet ("isotope" was too long I think).

I know her father wasn't an Avenger until recently but she however befriended their children. Columbia is how I named Captain America's daughter (it was the name of an allegory of America) and Thrud ( I find it really horrible, just put the "r" at the wrong place...) Blake is Thor 's daughter (I don't think Thrud was female but is Lady Sif' offspring, so...).

Guess she'll also have enough problems to fill a battleship (or not being very liked?). May have also the "sad clown" sense of comebacks.

I'm not sure if she's a nerd in addition to that (remember her mother is a model) . But she is in the school newspaper as a photograph.
Why eight Sinisters? (they were 6, 12, or 24 but not 8, I know.) Well, I kept the most memorable of the rogue gallery -and there were 8 of them, no more and no less. (I notably didn't included the Vulture, he's just ridiculous). So just go with the fact only eight of Spidey's foes reproduced. (Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Black Cat, Electro, Lizard, Rhino, Sandman, and Venom to be precise.)

Speaking of which, her nervousness come from she does have a crush- Nemo, a gentle boy she first met a few hour before the very first day of school, but whose surname she learned too late turned out to be Octavius. Ouch.
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