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here's the character info

name:Bushido black)
year of birth:July 30,2993

likes:Noodles,Junk food,Drama movies,His sword,PC games,The internet,Manga,Anime shows
Little girls and Mythology

dislikes:Crime lords,Sushi,The calculator,Math,Chemistry,Stupid criminals,The police,Cheap assholes,The bed,Porn magazines,Porn movies,cheaters,Politician,The Government,Alchemist and Pens.

Info: bushido black or pitch black is the most wanted vigilante not only in Paranorm city but the whole Etopia region
even the silver wolves tried to pursue him but he always escapes.the citizens of Paranorm city praise him as a hero. because he does a even better job than the police.

Pitch black life is a sad one 1st he was born in an era where crime lords rule the city.2nd his mom was killed.

it seems hopeless but one day his life change when he went inside an old temple that hit him with pure dark energy that change his anatomy.pitch black was about to use these new found powers to earn himself money by trying to join a criminal group(he had no choice he had no money) but his moms spirits appeared to him telling him to use his powers to save the people from this monsters.

he vowed that he will protect his home town from the bad guys.
but in the dark corners a new evil comes that will change his life forever.

powers:super agility,super strength,shadow walk,limited teleportation,advance reflexes.

weapon: an dark magic o-katana he named Yami.

personality:a cocky,a bit boastful,smart at fighting, at every battle he always teases his enemies to make them lose there focus.he always risk his life for other people.he dosen't kill because he dosen't like blood on his hands.
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