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the fall of xibalba
by sock

Like many other Amerinidian cultures, the Mayas had their ancestral Hero Twins who were believed to have established important features of their social and ritual life. Their myth, dating back to the time of the Spanish invasions, constitutes the largest and most important part of Maya mythology to have been preserved.

the Hero Twins were Xbalanque and Hunahpu. Like their father and uncle, Hun-Hunahpu and Vucub-Hunahpu, the Twins were ball-players.
xbalanque is nicholas and hunahpu is matthias. hun-hunahpu (their father) is samuel parks and vucub-hunapuh (thier uncle) is andrew parks. i interpretted ball-players (which is, in fact, mayan ball, which no one plays anymore XD) into soccer, which is why soccer plays an unusally large role in the comic, as the ball games had in the legend.

It has been noted that in the upperworld scenes of the Popol Vuh, Hunahpu has the dominant role, whereas in the underworld, Xbalanque takes the initiative. Las Casas described Xbalanque as having entered the underworld as a war leader.
as is such in the comic. matt is world-famous for his soccer playing, in the normal world, while when it gets to the darker mob scenes, nick becomes the main character, and goes about it like a war leader, making plans, taking chances, and doing what's dangerous, as matt takes a worried backseat

i hope you all are looking forward to my comic! it all started when i stumbled upon the wikipedia article for the mayan calender. there was a character in it called xbalanque (nick's character) who just looked like a warrior, and when i checked out his biography i saw there was a whole world of adventures he was on. since then, i took the ideas of their adventures into the underworld into my au american county of rosewood, who's currently having a -mob- problem. harharhar.
if things go my way, i'd like to update once a week, maybe on wednesday. we'll have to see. whatever i do, i don't want to quit until it's over, and i don't want it to be a chore. i want me to enjoy it just as much as my audience. this is a big deal for me, because i always do things half heartedly, and i'm ready to give something my all. your guys' encouragement would help SO MUCH, even just a 'i like this page' comment would be nice, and anyone who's willing to give me serious critique would be my best friend! you know, the kind that would make my future pages better
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