Golden Sky Hero: The Tremen Picture

God, sorry I've been gone for so long again. I need to stop doing that. :3

But anyway, here's another reference sheet of a race I made called the Tremen, a race of still / anthropomorphic tree creatures. Though I do know there already exists a fantasy race called the Treemen (like the most notable example is Treebeard from Lord of the Rings), but I'm trying to mix in more of a tree's aesthetics / functions to make these creatures more unique rather than just design humanoid creatures that are made out of trees.

Remember, like the sheet I made about the Wolkhar, these designs and traits are subject to change. More details will be added in the future, and maybe some will change or just be removed altogether.

The numbers in the picture are points relating to their traits. Which are described as follows:
1) - Tremen do have a sense of style. They can have a part of their face sculpted to represent facial hair.
2) - Tremen are either born in still position for their entire lives, or they are born with legs and can be mobile. There's no discovery yet as to how or why this happens or which Tremen will be born with as such. It should be noted at this point that not every tree is alive as a Tremen. Most of the trees in Golden Sky Hero are just regular trees.
3) - Animals can live inside Tremen. This is pretty obvious since they're trees and all.
4) - Despite being rooted to the ground, still Tremen can still rotate their bodies to look around them. Not all the way though.
5) - Tremen don't have eyes, but rather holes in the certain parts of their faces to represent eyes. So somehow, they can still see and hear.
6) - Tremen reproduce by eating special light blue seeds that, when eaten, may produce one / multiple Baby Acorn Tremen on their branches.
7) - Going back to their sense of style, the Tremen can also have their leaves trimmed to represent hairdos, or even headwear.
8) - A Tremen's arms are always positioned above their face. This makes it easier for them to reach inside their branches.
9) - Some Tremen are also sometimes born with inconsistencies. This one for example has no lower lip and has a mouth like a small tunnel.
10) - An example of a Baby Tremen hanging onto an Adult Tremen. When the Baby Tremen starts to feel smart enough, this is usually a sign that it will soon detach from the Adult Tremen's branch and fall towards the ground planting itself into the ground. At this stage, the Adult Tremen asks the Baby where it wants to be planted, in case it is born a still Tremen and has to stay there for the rest of its life. By the way, it should also be pointed out that both male and female Tremen can produce Baby Tremen.

That's all I got for now. Let me know what you guys think!
Oh and by the way, none of these characters are important or anything. They are just there for reference and may not be used in the future.

The Tremen © *The-Quill-Warrior
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