Fred Family Dine (Big hero 6) Picture

This is a fan art of Big hero 6 I drew.

This is a family art of how it would look like if Fred had a Girl and son. Eating at a fresh burger Resturant related with Big hero 6, the Name of the resturant is "6 Hero´s Burgers".

I have drawn Everything originally but not FRED.

Fred´s Girl´s name is "Amelia Watcat", she is also a comic nerd and works at a comic shop, sharing the same interests and is like one of the first to not Call him a nerd, goof or anything related to his neardy interests in comics in a bad way. Amelia is a loveful, brave, caring and adventurous character. She met Fred when he was checking out that comic store she works at and both of them were caught by they both sharing interest in supernatural, sci fi, comics and Movies, Everything with cool stories and mythology, like dragons for an example XP.
Amelia joined the team Big Hero 6 and has a bat-dragon flying suit, also she knows how to fight with karate.
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