Shinji Ikari: Body by Mythology Picture

"It's been said the more things change the more they stay the same. I used to believe that but sometime after meeting the 300th alternate version of myself who's life went flying into the local equivalant of the wild blue yonder I decided that particular cliche was pretty much debunked. And then I ran into that Punisher version of me.....But I'd really rather not discus that particular can of nightmare fuel. Getting back on track take the case of Hercules here. As you can probably tell he's another version of Shinji, who's a major trend bucker.

While this probably sounds a little sterotypical a little looking into the various Shinjies out there has shown that most of them that are evil or at least severally messed up had the common thread of being for all intents and purposes abandoned by their father following their mother's death, usually leading a less then stellar childhood, quite depression that eventually gets very very loud when daddy drags them into some situation they're so far from prepared to deal with it's not even funny and things generally going so far south the devil's asking what the hell your doing wedged into his floor. However there's the rare one that had that happened and managed to avoid all of that. First off apparantly the uncle in question at least treated him fairly well (apparantly the guy had never liked Gendo much and decided if he was so eager to get rid of the kid he must be okay.) And secondly he had a hobby of collecting various odd artifacts from around the world. And it just so happens his collection contained what he'd be assured were the wristbands worn by Hercules himself.

Now Shinji tell me his uncle didn't really believe they actually were any such thing, but he figured they'd be interesting conversation starters. Only problem is not only were they the real thing, but, through some means nobody's sure of (various mages have looked at them and determined they are magic but can't figure out of what variety, and yes there's a lot of different magic around here) were able to give the full measure of his strength to someone worthy, and apparantly Shinji qualified, it's apparantly a running joke among his team (that he started) that they were grading on a curve. So Shinji finds himself compelled to put them on one night, knocks his wrist together and kaboom!

Life got pretty interesting for him not long after that, him eventually meeting several other interesting people, including the second creepiest version of me I've met so far (those damn symboit suits just creep me the hell out), and eventually forming his team the Neo Gladiators. Then they like so many others ended up here in coreline, though they're even more clueless about how it happened then most.

Shinji here's got another case of power split personality, as Shinji he's your usual quite meek introspective sort and as Hercules...he isn't. I've seen him slam down gallons worth of beer, armwrestle a hulk and actually give him a run for his money and generally play the boisterouss bruiser role to the hilt, he just loves a good fight. And a good drinking contest. Pretty graceful loser too. He also used to be a hell of a flirt according to his team mates, but he's settled down on that (and according to them he backed off quickly if someone made it clear they weren't interested, even if he was drunk at the time).

Currently him and the rest of the glaidators are basically drifter heroes, traveling around more or less on a whim, might settled down eventually but not in any hurry. Coreline being the kinda place it is they still find plenty to keep busy with. According to a recent letter from the pair of his team mates I keep in touch with Shinji's expressed some interest in getting involved in the SWF (Super's Wrestling Federation) though they're not sure if he wants to investigate the rumors about that business being bankrolled by a certain mutant supremist group or if he just wants to get in the ring is anyone's guess. We'll see."

Misato "She Hulk" Saotome

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